Connect The Circle får internasjonal skryt

Bandet Connect The Circle får mye internasjonal skryt for sitt debut-album.
The album has gotten reviews from all over Europe, and in the USA and South America as well. This is what a few of them had to say;
«Arild Fevang is a vocalist of some considerable talent who wraps his vocal chords around the melodies, and in the case of «In My Darkest Hour» reveals an almost melodic rock tone to his vocal on this almost a ballad. There are some excellent guitar breaks from Kenneth Brastad, while bassist Raymond Smith kicks the proverbial throughout. A very good debut by a talented band who should go on your ones to watch list»
Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine
«The debut album of this Norwegian band sounds familiar and yet it is not; it has its own twist. The band led by vocalist Arild Fevang, for example, knows how to make a very clear link in certain songs to the better work of Ronnie James Dio. The riffs and vocals are solid and give body to the songs. «The Jester» has a compact chunk of music, riffs, solos and strong drum and bass work. The aforementioned comparison with Dio can be heard excellently in the ballad «In My Darkest Hour», in which subtle guitar playing forms a harmonious whole with the vocals of Fevang. When the last song «United States Of Oppression» is finished, a feeling of satisfaction remains. This is an excellent album by an excellent band. And there is certainly a feeling of wanting more, more, more.»
The song «In My Darkest Hour» is very strong and reveals a great singer. The band are having fun in a progressive landscape. A song like «The Jester» stays with you, and you might catch yourself in humming along if you listen enough. There are some really great vocalmelodies here, and Connect The Circle has managed to create refreshing choruses and hooks in the metal. The music is a balanced experience between something epic, beautiful and melodic. There is a lot of warmth here, from both the singer and the musicians. When they are at their best, they are just as great and exiting to listen to as the greatest and biggest bands out there.»
«It’s if Malevolent Creation, Nevermore and Megadeth got together and made a big baby! «In My Darkest Hour» definitely introduces a unique soundscape.»
The Rock Metal Podcast
“This Is Madness” is the full-album debut of a new band. The Norwegian Connect The Circle is a quartet that moves musically in traditional heavy metal. However, this company has gained a lot of experience because drummer Robert William, bassist Raymond Smith and guitarist Kenneth Brastad together form the trio Forbidden Forest.After all, the eight tracks on this album are the best hope and more than once we hear vocals that make us think of those of Ronnie James Dio blissful. Especially in the calmer, calmer pieces, Arild tends very much towards the powerful voice of that much too early deceased vocalist. Even though Arild does have his own voice: for example, check out his powerful contribution in concluding ‘Burn The Sky’. But also the solid base of drums and bass deserves attention, while the guitar work can also be described as “off”. Connect The Circle is therefore a band with a lot of potential, which we have high expectations of this debut. So let’s have some patience and then we can see if Connect The Circle can indeed take a step (or more) forward.
Connect The Circle

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